Power Distribution and Control Systems

Get Power Where You Need It, When You Need It.

At Clarion Electrical, we begin with the end in mind when tackling your power distribution and control systems project, delivering a one-on-one value engineering advantage from the get-go so that you know the end result and its impact on your bottom line before work boots hit the ground.

Our staff has more than 120 years of combined experience installing, modifying, and expanding large and small power and control systems in and around the Southeast Texas area. With an expansive resume of more than 200 projects and counting, we continue to build on a tradition of quality service, prompt execution, and a clean jobsite upon completion.

Our technicians specialize in a wide range of offerings for power distribution and control systems, including:

  • Low- and medium-voltage switchgear and motor control centers
  • Motors and motor-operated valves
  • Reduced voltage motor starting and variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • UPS systems
  • Wiring and termination services
  • Testing and commissioning of plant switchgear and controls
  • Service upgrades